Sunday, September 22, 2019

Medicinal Cannabis Here to Stay. What Next?

I agree wholeheartedly with the President. The disposition of Recreational Marijuana should be decided at the state level. Read the 10th amendment.

Recently I spoke with Kentucky State Representative, Travis Brenda about why he opposed legalizing medicinal Marijuana. His comments reflected sincere concern. But, they sounded like they had been prepared by former Education secretary, Bill Bennett.

There is a haunting misnomer that Marijuana is and always has been, a "gateway drug." It is. But, in a different way than most perceive.

In the states that have not already legalized Cannabis, one must get it through the black market. As expected, the black market is what it implies: a source whereby illegal substances may be procured. As in, "anything goes!"

People trying to buy Marijuana through such a source can generally find other "controlled substances, ranging from Meth, Heroin and Cocaine" to name a few. A black market source can often place a seeker in touch with the requested supplier.

Take Marijuana away from this black market source and the distribution channel is altered. In the seventies, they referred to this guy as a "stash sharer." He would buy a pound of pot, sell off three fourths, keeping the remaining quarter for himself. The result: His weed was free.

With legalization, the "stash sharer" is all but eliminated. Most users opted to buy their smoke at dispensaries. Those too poor or too cheap to buy it from a dispensary, grow it themselves. You might say, the "stash sharer" has become an anachronism in states that have legalized Recreational Cannabis.

Medicinal is legal in 28 states and counting. And, for good reason! It's a proven remedy for nausea. Not to mention migraines, glaucoma and even excessive stress! What a lot of people don't know is that it's been used medicinally for ages! In fact, Marijuana in general wasn't criminalized until 1937.

So, what's the issue with those still opposed to legalizing medicinal? Actually, it's pretty simple: "They seek to not bite the hand that feeds them!"

Show me a politician who opposes medicinal legalization but accepts campaign contributions from Pharmaceutical companies and I will show you corruption. There is simply no other way to express it!

A close friend who recently had stomach surgery complained that ONLY Cannabis brought relief to the accompanying nausea. But, when he tried to find it, he quickly learned that his state, Tennessee didn't allow Medicinal. The guy was a securities dealer and as straight as an arrow and as vanilla as Mr. Rogers!

What did he do? His secretary hooked him up on the black market. My friend didn't want to go this route! He admittedly resented being presented with such a quandary! As he confessed, "I am no pot smoker! I hardly drink! But, damn it! It brings relief like nothing else(The doctor had previously prescribed a number of different drugs. None brought relief).

"Anyone who opposes legalization of medicinal Cannabis," my friend added, "is either dogmatic, sadistic or both!" His doctor concurred.

Sadly for this gentlemen and countless others, there are those "Sadist-Dogmatics" who do exist! Former U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions was typical.

As earlier stated, I believe that the decision to legalize recreational Marijuana should be left up to the states. However, the question of making Medicinal legal in all 50 states should be done.

Nancy Pelosi has the votes, both in the House and the Senate. The President will sign it. Why she hasn't already introduced legislation is political.

Colorado's Republican Senator, Cory Gardner is up for reelection. He is a proponent of such legislation. If a bill legalizing Medicinal at the Federal level were to pass, he would be largely credited for it.

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