Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kentucky Senate Battle Could Determine Nation's Direction

America's future may ultimately be decided by a few, well meaning geriatrics.

Don't look now but this fall's Kentucky Senate race may prove to be the most mean, most divisive in U.S. History. The players: Republican incumbent, Mitch McConnell versus Democrat challenger, Alison Lundergan Grimes. At stake: Senate majority!

Everyone knows Mitch. Most don't like him very much. But who is Grimes? Kentucky's 35-year-old Secretary of State, like Rand Paul, opposes voter I.D. cards? Somehow, I don't think that she is a Libertarian!

Here's a hint. Bill Clinton may be around this fall to join her on the campaign trail! That's right! A child of former State Representitive, Jerry Lundergan, Alison grew up in a political family. She attended Law School in Washington D.C. and has the "scent" of a future Washingtonian wannabee!

How does a small town(Mayfield), Southern girl get tangled up with the party of "same sex marriage, Obamacare, Cap & Trade, Gun Control and Government funded abortions?" D.C. does have an effect on you! It also helps when you see a "sugar daddy" smiling amiably at you, encouraging you to shoot for the stars!

Yes, Alison is an attractive candidate, in a physical sense, if nothing else. But, besides coveting the homeless vote, what is she all about?

We know the Clinton's like her. So does Planned Parenthood and the National Education Association. And we can add a dozen "Pro-Obama" PACS who have already rendered millions of dollars to her campaign. Among them are alternative energy companies hell bent on destroying the coal industry!

Contradictory is her promise to stand up for the coal industry. This is simply impossible! It would be similar to Adoph Hitler promising to defend and advance Jewish causes. Perhaps his definition of "defend" was to escort the Hebrew nation straight to the gas chambers! In Alison's case, she would join Harry Reid in killing the industry altogether. Her donors would expect no less!

Job creatiion? If she were genuinely serious about this goal, she would be screaming for deregulation. Instead of looking at "Uncle Bill" with the eyes of a lapdog, she would be on the phone with Governor Rick Perry asking "why has Texas created one out of every two full time jobs in America over the past five years? What's your secret? Can you share it with us?"

Be real! A career in Washington is what every aspiring feminist lawyer, turned Senate candidate dreams of! For Alison to level with God fearing folks in the Commonwealth would make as much sense as Barack Obama telling Jeremiah Wright to publish a book called "I hates 'dem white folkes!"

In short, Alison Lundegan Grimes is totally a creation of far left PACS, aimed at keeping Harry Reid in control of the Senate. Her campaign platform is one huge contradiction! She knows this. So do they! But, Democrats are on the fence. Things look bad for many Democrats in "red" states. The party needs an upset.

Mitch McConnell has been in the Senate too long. He is the poster boy for "why" we need "term limits." By the same token, Alison Lundegan Grimes is the poster girl for "why" we need to abolish the 17th amendment.

This will be one "nasty" campaign. Grimes hopes that she can win on "spin, media support and McConnell's overall unpopularity." McConnell hopes to "define" her as "Nancy Pelosi with a Kentucky drawl." He has already challenged her to three debates. If she is smart, she will agree to one or none.

The old people watch these debates. And, while aching to give Alison the benefit of the doubt, they are more difficult to "sizzle!" A cagy veteran like Mitch McConnell is capable of getting past the "fluff" and exposing her minimal substance. That's why 'ole Mitch is ready to rumble!

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