Sunday, May 4, 2014

Progressive Arrogance, Secession Challenge Could Backfire

Bell Book Candle is a pro-Obama blog that recently rendered a prediction: "If several states elected to proceed with secession, it would only be a "matter of time before they would be begging to be re-admitted."

In other words, "be careful what you wish for!"

The position taken by Bell Book Candle reflected the President's. Minus eight or nine southern states, "it would be a perfect time to amend the constitution, introducing more modern gun laws and restrictions on discriminatory practices." As this author phrased, "we can make this Union a more perfect Union during the absence of an obstructive GOP."

This paradigm is mostly universal amoung members of the far left. So convinced are they that their way is the best way, that they have ignored the lessons of history!

Socialism/Communism doesn't work and never has!"

In truth, the majority would rather keep the nation intact. Separation would be a last resort, an admission of failure to work out differences. But, to quote Civil War Historian and Michigan native, Bruce Catton, "the combination of impudence and impotence is a disastrous mixture."

The first warning sign comes when emotion trumps logic. The left has made advances. Universal Health Care is gradually being implemented. The nation appears to be more tolerant where Gay rights are concerned. Huge strides have been made in the environmental movement. Race relations are better than they have ever been. Good, but not good enough for far left zealots! Herein lies the problem!

The United States Navy had a slogan that is worth noting, "rock 'em, sock 'em, but don't lose your shirt." In other words, "engage in a cautious manner, get in your licks but don't over play your hand."

This advice is obviously falling on deaf ears!

So convinced are these ideologues that their position will prevail, they have overlooked an important detail: "They are not merely talking about a "few Southern states." They are talking about the majority of states!

Even more significantly, these states that are home to "obstructive GOP" types hold most of America's mineral and agricultural resources. Oops!

A few recall when Governor, Rick Perry jokingly mentioned the word secession in 2011. Relax! Governor Perry feels about secession the way his historical mentor, Sam Houston felt: "Deep opposition." But both Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee strongly opposed secession. The question that is emerging is "should the 10th amendment be our guide?" Progressive ideologues are quick to say, "are you serious?"

Damn right, we're serious! Dead serious! Hence, we see the coming "clash of perceptions." The first War Between the States has been called a "clash of perceptions." It could have been averted. The Corwin Act, passed in February 1861 should have ended any Southern property concerns. But it didn't! The two sides had reached a point where emotion prevailed over logic.

2014 differs from 1861 in one sense: Intelligent people can find abundant logic for making the "peaceful separation" argument. Progressives see it as an opportunity to amend the constitution to their advantage. Their counterparts see something much bigger.

Estimated net worth of the United States of America is approximately 170 trillion dollars. Most of this wealth is "on top of the ground and under it." To use a G. Edward Griffin term, our currency is "fiat money," holding no real value. Griffin estimates that total gold reserves in Fort Knox are "about 1/2 trillion."

28% of American lands are owned by the Federal Government. Our dollar's value is based on the nations promise to pay. A sudden division of states would result in global turmoil at epic proportions.

Amazingly, the first sober question regarding separation is, "what about Social Security?" Surprisingly, the answer is one of the easiest. "Since the program is a "Ponzi scheme," the payment would be made as they are now, month-to-month, as you go!

Same would hold true with Medicare. Florida's Marco Rubio clarified it best in proclaiming, "we have a revenue problem." In other words, "more people working, more paying taxes." In short, lower taxes and less regulations equal more jobs, more tax revenues.

Thus, we are at the "apex" of the argument! Progressive ideologues talk about job creation. Yet there are two million less working today than in 2008. Their opponents remind that the regulation happy administration has proffered policies that "kill jobs." These begin with Obamacare and end with an E.P.A. gone wild! Throw the world's highest corporate income tax into the fray and you indeed have a government that is "part of the problem," if not "the problem."

Solution: "They do it their way, we do it our way." Since these Progressive Ideologues are so brilliant, they should be delighted to be proven correct! Meanwhile, they can reconstruct what is left of the country into their Western Europeon dream: "An Oligarchy run from a central point."

Bidding Washington "adieu," would be easier said than done. Emotion would be the tie-breaker. Confiscation of guns and forced acceptance of a Gay lifestyle could push those initially opposed to separation over the edge. It then becomes a propaganda war. As the economic advantages become evident, the idea becomes more palatable.

Take Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland out of Illinois, Michigan and Ohio and those states become as "red" as Kentucky, where 63% voted for Mitt Romney in 2012. New York, sans New York City becomes a red state. Pennsylvania without Philadelphia moves to the red column!

There are currently initiatives in several states calling for separaton within. Topping that list is California. Venture Capitalist, Tim Draper has introduced a measure that would split California into six states. There are expected to be sufficient signatures to get the measure on the June ballot. Even if it passed, it's unlikely that the measure will get past Congressional committee. Still...

Draper's division included "South California" and "Central Califormia." Both skewed slightly Republican during the past four elections. They account for 15 million people, and roughly 40% California's territory. Not to mention vast mineral resources and some of the nations finest agricultural lands! And, a "window" on the Pacific that happens to include a huge Naval base!

Do we see a map emerging?

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