Saturday, May 17, 2014

Why Rand Paul Anticipates Presidential Victory

Someone looking for an argument should tell a Rand Paul supporter that the Kentucky Senator cannot be elected President of the United States.

Much will be written over the next few months about Presidential possibilities. Especially after the November midterms. What we are currently witnessing are attempts to gain media exposure. Senator, Paul and most recently, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida are testing the water. In Rubio's case, he's looking at a run on the basis of "if" Jeb doesn't run. Paul has already made up his mind.

Rubio's gestures hint that Jeb Bush may stay out. If he does, the race could be wide open. GOP Establishment might even be ready to dust off Mitt Romney, if Chris Christie's slipping New Jersey economy results in a no go! The prospect of a Paul nomination, let alone a Presidency isn't something that Wall Street wants to experience!

The question becomes, "why?" Actually there are two "whys!" Why does Wall Street so vehemenly dislike Paul? And why does Rand Paul think that he can actually win the general election?

Let's begin with something Dad said six years ago. For those who recall the 2008 Republican debates, Ron Paul got into a mildly heated exchange with Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee. It stemmed from Paul's comment that the nation had "borrowered money from the Chinese to finance a world empire." He was talking about Iraq specifically.

In watching Rand Paul's reaction to Putin and Crimea, it is clear that this orientation was passed from father to son. Rand, like Ron, has isolationist leanings.

Anyone who has read G. Edward Griffin's, "The Creature from Jekyll Island," will readily understand where both Rand and Ron are coming from.

Merge this understanding with a isolationist persuasion and you have discovered Paul's secret road map. In essence, "how" he will be elected President.

Lost? Let us take a quick review of Griffin's book.

The Federal Reserve was formed in 1910. Charter members hailed from the Northeast U.S. and Western Europe. All of the major banking interests were represented. The goal was to secretly formulate a plan that would insure their world dominance. It worked!

Over the years, the America people have lead the way in paying for World War One,the Bolshevik Revolution, the Saving of England's social welfare system, the Great Depression, World War Two, the Cold War, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan and the 2008 banking meltdown. Today these eight globalist cartels represent 100 trillion American dollars in collective net worth. Nobody knows for certain how they amassed such wealth.

Griffin refers to our currency as "fiat money." As he put it, "we have about 1/2 trillion dollars in Fort Knox gold. That's it." The world takes the dollar on trust. "For now," he warns,"but that could change overnight."

People have been preaching "doomsday" since the founding of the country. If you don't get enough, turn on the TV and watch the gold dealer ads! Yet, there is something more than telling America that "the sky is falling" in Paul's message.

It amounts to not "this will happen if you don't do this," as much as "this happened because a few greedy people decided to use their positions of power to manipulate the country. Their tool was the Federal Reserve."

When people begin looking at who these "few greedy people" are, problems arise.

The cartels represent majority stockholding interests in every Fortune 500 company. Obviously, the last thing Wall Street wants is an agitator in the White House! No doubt, these "Republicans" would be much more comfortable with Hillary Clinton as President than Rand Paul!

Griffin's book makes for a first class debate on banking and finance. Problem is, most Americans have trouble understanding their own personal bank statement. Wouldn't this sort of issue be slightly "too intellectual" for "Joe Six Pack?"

Griffin's ultimate solution amounts to a return to a precious metal backed currency. This isn't particularly novel. People have been discussing a "silver certificate" for years! The hitch that may be in the back of the Senator's mind is how the existing Federal Reserve notes might be utilized.

Griffin proposed paying taxes and federal workers, not to mention debt holders in Federal Reserve notes. Even Fannie, Freddie and Ginnie backed mortgage loans would continue to accept Federal Reserve notes.

Along side it would be the creation of a commodity backed dollar. The first recipients of the new dollar would be those drawing Social Security. Meanwhile Federal Reserve notes would cease to be legal tender. As a result, there would be massive inflation, perhaps as much as 1000%. Thus, the average NEA salary of $103,500 per year would now have the buying power of $10,350.

In my personal discussion with Mr. Griffin, he recommended "hoarding" as much "junk silver" as possible. The transition would take six months to a year. Eventually, the country would regain it's footing on solid, financial ground. The holders of the most "fiat money" would take the bulk of the brunt.

Fantasy? Not necessarily to Joe Six Pack! You just told him that his $1231 per month mortgage payment can be paid for in Federal Reserve notes. But his salary from S & S Tire will be paid in a commodity backed dollar. Still confused? Take this into consideration.

America's net worth is probably in the range of 170 trillion dollars. Most of the wealth, however, is in the ground or on top of it. 28% of America's real estate is owned by the Federal Government. Put to proper use, the full wealth of the nation could be put to work for the American people. How? By simply selling lands, including mineral rights, office buildings and other real assets to American companies and individuals!

Where Joe might have been making $36,000 per year using the old currency, he is now paid $12,000 per year in the new currency. But his mortgage payment would translate to $123 per month and likely heading down!

Wall Street would consider this scenario lunancy. But Griffin proponents would describe it as "payback" for a 100-year loan. In other words, the wealth transfer that has taken place beginning in 1910, especially since 1997, would be corrected.

How a Paul Adminstration would handle the military and the Immigration question is unknown. But such a strategy, considered "Draconian" by most of the world, might reach to the heart and soul of a frustrated America. If "Dr.Paul's" reading of Americas' pulse is correct, he will be elected President.

An isolationist can always retreat to the depression era watchwords, "charity begins at home." Paul knows that the bulk of his countrymen are tired of attending to the worlds' needs, while millions here at home, continue to live in poverty.

Amazingly, the Freshman Senator could probably get away with it, assuming that he was not assassinated along the way. Those cartels include many who recall the last century in all too graphic detail! Throughout history, one fact always has remained: "The same few people will always end up with the money. Eventually."

Paying off the Federal debt in Federal Reserve notes would be contractually legal. True, there would be some angry world partners! Not to mention more angry people here at home! But in understanding Griffin's concept of "fiat money," Paul would be making good on a campaign promise: "To propose a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution." His methodology would amount to "cranking up the printing presses."

Without question, a lot of Americans would call this approach "revolutionary."
But, if you have listened to his message closely, Paul is talking about everything except maintaining the status quot.

Can we now understand why he thinks that he can win? He may know more than a lot of us!

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