Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Peoples Democratic Republic of America..."

Here is a fact that dismays Americans: "Arguably 20% of America is Marxist."

True, it is more prominent in certain parts of the country. I recall asking a friend from Massachusetts who had recently visited China, "what was it like in a Communist country?" He responded, "Massachusetts is more Communist that China."

New York City exemplifies Socialism with nearly every politician selected. It is difficult to turn a blind eye to the "virtues" that Cory Booker brings to the table as New Jersey's freshman Senator. Vermont has produced Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean. 85% of Philadelphia voted for Barack Obama in 2012.

Marxist? This may be an exaggeration, albeit not my much!

With the exception of New Hampshire in 2000, New England, New York, New Jersey,Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware have been carried by Democrats in every Presidential election this century. These states have voiced a clear preference for a larger role for government, effectively a "cradle to grave" relationship between people and government.

True, Pennslyvania sans Philadelphia and Delaware counties was carried by Mitt Romney in 2012. Ditto for most of Maryland's counties. New York, north of the 43rd and west of the 75th would be a "Tennessee sized, Red State." Yet, even with these missing parts the population would top 60 million; more than Great Britain!

It is clearly evident that this "Socialist leaning arm" of America prefers a path somewhat different from Southern and Middle America. Maybe it's time to grant them their wish, simultaneously allowing the bulk of America to refrain from an experiment that has failed at every juncture...

When a finger, hand or limb is determined gangrenous, two steps can be taken. The infected area is left untended, spreading and causing death to the entire body. Or, the infected limb is amputated, saving the remainder of the body.

This analogy should serve as benchmark for the "Pro-Contraction" argument.

To save America as we know it, a review of the the constitution must take place. Some existing amendments must be repealed. And, two new amendments must be added. To do this, three-fourths of the states must ratify. Under our present 50-state union, this would be difficult.

Repealing the 14th, 16th and 17th amendments would be an outright impossiblilty. Adding an English language amendment, making legal voter I.D. laws, would be difficult under the existing framework. However, if these Northeastern states were simply not there to vote, the impossible would become very possible.

"Bucking tradition" would be the main argument against contraction. Most Americans would passively say, "we just couldn't do it." There would need to be an effective counter argument.

"Money" and the promise of "more of it," answers the call! The Northeast holds most of the debt in the United States. If a new United States chose to "repudiate," as Russia did following the Soviet Union's collapse, "bucking tradition," might make sense.

Sound incredible? Read G. Edward Griffin's "The Creature from Jekyll Island." Upon conclusion, one might consider such action, "just and appropriate."

Wouldn't many anti-Marxist Americans depart the "Peoples Democratic Republic of America?" Yes! But, their replacements would likely outnumber them!

Americans are ruefully acknowledging that many of our people don't want to work. It is simply easier to live modestly but comfortably, accepting government assistance. In a "progressive" country such as the "Peoples Democratic Republic of America," first priority would be "equality and social justice for all."

No doubt there would be those who would take exception. It must be remembered that this culture was nurtured by advocates of wealth distribution. Unlike their vision, this version of wealth distribution goes beyond middle class bank accounts. Essentially it taps their wealth.

The "new" America will be a topic for a future post. Like our current America it would include 50 states. Unlike the current United States, it would be shorn of historical mistakes that have put us in the fix that we are currently in.

Left behind would be collateral damage, fruits of our on going, America experiment. "The Peoples Democratic Republic of America," and the "Elysium Confederation" would be the two most visible.

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