Monday, October 27, 2014

Thwarting Voter Fraud Key to America's Future

With pivotal midterm elections a week away, the anticipation of voter fraud looms!

Amazingly, many who will vote are not U.S. citizens. How could this happen? It's not supposed to! Is it?

The need for voter identification, ranging from merely presenting a drivers license to actual I.D. cards, is under hot debate. Democrats see it as an attempt to disenfrachise the poor and underprivileged. Libetarians fear that I.D.'s will make it easier for "big brother" to keep tabs on us. Yet, the majority of America concludes that it is only sure way to maintain election integrity.

This is the most dangerous terrain possible for an America seeking to stay together. Contested elections are the last thing needed by a nation so ideologically divided.

The discussion actually came to a head in 2000. 517 Florida votes were the difference between a George W. Bush Presidency and an Al Gore Pressidency. In the end, it was the Supreme Court that made the final call.

Republicians have placed a lot of time, emotion and resources on retaking the Senate. To not win would throw their faithful into a gloom that would be years overcoming. Democrats are guardedly hopeful. Some, such as Evan Bayh are predicting that the outcome will not be known until after Louisiana and Georgia's expected run-offs are decided.

In best case, Republicans will have a good night. Which would translate to winning seven or eight seats. This would send Harry Reid to the back of the room. Certain bills, previously blocked by the Senate Majority leader would be allowed a floor vote. Barack Obama would find opposition to most court appointments. Beyond that, who knows?

Maintaining integrity in our process can't be understated. A contested election could go a long way toward spawning a civil war in America. It is truly amazing, if not alarming, to note how many conservatives are quietly squirreling away weapons. This is why it is imperative that our states begin dialog over the need to peacefully separate, in worse case.

There is enough land in America to go around. There is oil, natural gas, coal, farmland and the world's best "human" capital. One America wants to take advantage of it all, returning to the "lets get ahead" days of the past. The other has been seduced by the promise of "social justice!"

Why not simply draw a boundary and co-exist. There would be no reason that would could not remain friends, allies and trading partners, as with Canada! In a "clash of perceptions," there is no right or wrong. The side with the most power wins.

Is it too late?

Nobody truly knows. But, the quickest way to find out is to experience one or more disputed Senate elections next month. If we do, all bets are off.

A second civil war in America will be ideological, not sectional. It will be the ultimate battle between liberals and conservatives. If the military sides with conservatives as it is expected to do, it will be over in a few weeks. The liberals will lose decisively. There would be massive immigration to Canada, Europe, South America, even Africa.

In best case, none of this will happen. The Republicans will eek out a win in the Senate and the issue will be prolonged for another two years. But what then?

Do Americans truly trust their Washington, D.C. leadership? Indications are, they don't! And this reveals the root of the problem!

Not all politicians are bad. In fact, most genuinely strive to better lives for their constituents. It comes down to the perception of Washington. Barack Obama has damaged D.C.'s credibility with false promises, outright lies and an overall abuse of power. All too many Americans are ready to simply give up; try something new, including a new country!

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