Sunday, October 14, 2018

Democrats Pushing Lottery, Chain Migration, Open Borders

Donald Trump has a gift of taking a confusing subject and translating it into laymen's terms.

In Richmond Kentucky last night, I saw the greatest argument yet against chain migration.

The President started with a man who had entered the country via the immigration lottery. He subsequently committed a crime that left numbers of people dead or maimed. He then "lawyered up." Some are now predicting "fifteen years" of motions, appeals and delays that will precede ultimate sentencing.

Meanwhile this man immigrated 19 people, via chain migration. They included his parents, sister, grandparent,three aunts, two uncles and ten cousins. Nineteen people! And literary every single one got on the entitlement rolls. Not one went into the work force. NOT ONE!

For three decades, the Democrats have relied on political correctness, to maintain this malignant practice. To make a stink about it would suggest racism and bigotry. Republicans, as a whole, remained silent.

Donald Trump didn't! In fact, he went one step further. He proclaimed that most countries were limiting applicants for the American lottery to people they didn't want.

I recall an enlightening discussion with Ed Brankey, a Charleston, Illinois based immigration attorney. Brankey made it clear. "Half the planet would immigrate to America is so allowed."

That's the heart of the immigration debate. Two questions that each American needs to ask. "Should we allow all who want to come here? Should we continue to make luck and proximity our primary standards for immigration?"

Democrats say, "yes."

Republicans say, "no."

Laura Ingraham took enormous heat when accusing Democrats of "wanting to change the demographics in America.." She immediately met self righteous howls from Nancy Pelosi and others, accusing Ingraham of being a racist and a bigot.

Yet, the porous Southern border has become a major campaign issue. Those saying "no" to a wall are increasingly seen as "advocates for a change in American demographics." P.C. or not, it just is.

Trump's practical analysis amounted to, "we are creating record numbers of jobs. But, we need qualified immigrants to fill many of these jobs. That's why we need a "merit based" immigration system.

This is sound rationale!

We are bringing jobs back to our shores. But, we may be short on people who can fill many of these jobs. This was the Obama Administration's position; and reason for allowing high tech jobs to be shipped offshore. "We don't have the skilled workers."

Trump is saying, "I have a better idea! Let's bring those skilled workers here."

Trump's argument is valid. Since "half" the planet wants to come to America, why not take advantage of it! Let's get the world's best! Not, the world's unwanted and their extended families!

Tough to counter this position!

The type immigrants Trump is talking about are the ones who would immediately be included on the tax rolls. They might even become, God forbid, "new Republicans!"

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