Sunday, October 28, 2018

2018 Midterms Most Pivotal in History

It is unfolding in front of our eyes!

The battle for America. Faith based National Populism versus Secular Global Socialism.

How it ever come to this?

Not surprisingly, it started with greed. And, a lust for power. What else is new in the the worlds historic, if not poignant journey?

Next question. How?

For the longest, America has been enmeshed in a very basic question: "Are we a Republic?" Or, "are we a Democracy?"

Both Republicans and Democrats use the term "Democracy" so loosely. Yet, there is a distinct difference. Democracy translate to "rule by the majority." Republican amounts to "rule by a set of adopted laws."

Why is one better than the other?

For those advocating "Democracy," it is easily explained as "one person, one vote."

Republicans maintain that a doctrine of law is established and we live by it.

Sounds simple enough. Herein may lie the problem.

"The "one vote, one person" standard would be perfect, if we lived in a perfect world. But, we don't. History has proven that if an individual or small group can control the masses, they can effectively influence these voters. They call this an "oligarchy."

This defines the modern Democrat party. Case in point: Florida. Three "Oligarchs," Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer and George Soros have collectively poured tens of millions of dollars in the Florida Gubernatorial race. Their candidate: Tallahassee Mayor, Andrew Gillum.

Why? Power. Control.

The Republican candidate is Ron DeSantis. DeSantis graduated from Yale before earning his J.D. at Harvard's Law School. He later received a reserved officer's commission, subsequently assigned to the Judge Advocate General Corp(J.A.G.). From there, it was on to Iraq in the 2007 surge. DeSantis ultimately received a Bronze Star and and Iraq campaign metal for his service

Then, it was on the United States Congress where he was one of the original founders of the Freedom caucus. Most recently, he served on the House Judiciary Committee and was a key challenger to Robert Mueller's investigation. Not surprisingly, he drew President Donald Trump's endorsement.

Whew! Sounds like a future Presidential candidate!

Conversely, when examining Gillum's resume and the growing corruption that has epitomized his stay in Tallahassee, one would conclude, "this must be a joke!" Yet, at this writing, the race is too close to call! The infusion of Oligarch cash can do that!

In Texas, these same Oligarchs have poured tens of millions into Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke's Senate challenge to Ted Cruz. Experts are predicting that this will represent the most expensive Senate race in history.

And the list goes on and on! Even down to the Kentucky 6th District House race, where transient Democrat challenger, Amy McGrath is attempting to unseat incumbent, Andy Barr, a staunch Trump ally. Practically zero of McGrath's financial support has come from inside the Commonwealth.

With careful analysis, it's easy enough to conclude that these Oligarchs indeed have an agenda: To get even more wealthy than they already are. In the case of Warren Buffet, it amounts to retaining tax credits that return millions into his personal coffers! Ditto for Bill Gates and Mark Cuban.

Thus, Congressional control will determine if the Trump agenda moves forward. Or, more specifically, if we stay on course to return control to America's middle class. OR, stop this trend in it tracks; with hope for a return to the Obama standard of "A protected place for the privileged few, and Socialism for the rest."

Too stark of a contrast? Not hardly! Here is your clue.

Estimates as high as 94% assess the mainstream media's coverage of the administration has been negative. 94%! Not acceptable!

In a previous post, we undertook the history of communications, including over-the-air television in America. A possible solution was introduced. In a future post, we will expand on this remedy. Unfortunately, at least for now, the MSM remains in the hands of the Oligarchs and those promoting Secular Global Socialism.

The good news for those opposing "a protected place for the privileged few and socialism for the rest," is Donald Trump. The president has essentially given the main stream media the "middle finger," taking his case directly to the American people. Never has a president worked so hard to make certain that his allies were given a "level playing field."

Will it be enough? If turnout is a consideration, it just might be. Should the Republicans hold both House and Senate, we should be set for a final accounting. In short, "draining the swamp" amounts to "flushing the snakes from the woodpile."

Most mysterious is the "doglike deference" continuously demonstrated by some life long Democrats to these Oligarchs and their ultimate plan for America. If they were true to their fathers and grandfathers, they would be talking about a conspiracy theory; a massive plan to undermine the American idea by these Oligarchs. Instead, they remain silent, in hope that they might receive some of their "crumbs."

Former Speaker, Nancy Pelosi had the word "crumbs" right. She merely directed it to the wrong people.

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