Sunday, October 7, 2018

Kavenaugh Hearings Unmasked Left Wing Fascism

The enemy is real.

The last few weeks, American Conservatives got a front row seat into what could have been an inevitable fate. Left wing fascists sought an end to "presumed innocence." It is now up to us to insure no follow-up action is possible.

The midterms mean everything. Literally the whole enchilada! If Pelosi is speaker, we will have two years of gridlock. At best! If the Senate slips away... Too horrible to even think about!

American is experiencing another dreaded "clash of perceptions." The last such clash took place in the early 1860's.

"Faith Based National Populism" versus "Secular Global Socialism."

With the former, it's "living by law outlined in our Constitution. The latter favors "mob rule, emphasizing coercion through intimidation."

The President is canvasing the country, hitting every possible congressional district, pleading for turnout. Most dreaded is the thought of Democrats stealing enough districts to eek out a slim margin. 218 is the magic number.

Trump thinks that he can tip the scales in at least a half dozen of these districts. It might prove to be enough. If he can't, well...

The Senate is looking better. Tennessee has apparently awakened to the fact that good guy, ex-Governor, Phil Bresden may be on the wrong side of history. Joe Donnelly will not be re-elected in Indiana. Heidi Heitcamp is "dead meat!" Claire McCaskill should be collecting boxes; she'll be cleaning out her office in a few weeks.

Searching for an issue that would win support with South Florida environmentalists, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, Ron DeSantis joined Incumbent GOP Congressman, Brian Mast to take on "Big Sugar."

Historically critical of Big Sugar's practices as Governor, Senate candidate, Rick Scott has joined them, blaming much on Incumbent Bill Nelson's laissez-faire approach to the industry. My money is on all three to win. Trump's passionate endorsement won't hurt!

Remaining are three Western States. Republicans hold two of them: Arizona and Nevada. Both are considered toss-ups. So is Montana, where Jon Tester is hoping that strong Republican turnout doesn't happen. While "two out of three" would be good for Republicans(and highly possible), a sweep is not out of the question!

And then there are those "what if" states, such as Minnesota and New Jersey. Remember, we're talking Al Franken's seat in the Gopher state. Former Lieutenant Governor, Tina Smith is no heavyweight! The state is trending to "purple" status.

New Jersey Senate incumbent, Bob Menendez narrowly avoided prison in a recent racketeering charge! His well funded, self funded, opponent, Bob Hugin has launched a barrage of recent television ads detailing the list of Menendez' scandals. They are extensive!

Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have well funded, liberal, incumbent Senators. They should survive. Yet, with this recent unmasking of the left, "walk-a-ways" are highly possible. There are growing numbers of Independents in all four states. All four Senators voted against Kavanaugh's confirmation.

West Virginia? My guess is Joe Manchin wins and subsequently switches party affiliation, in exchange for a key committee chairmanship.

In short, Republicans have reason to feel cautiously optimistic!

House control will allow investigations of the Deep State to continue. This will lead to the ultimate "unmasking" of those who were behind the entire movement. That many of the greatest perpetrators were members of the Obama administration including Barack Obama himself, spells conflict.

At that point, America will know the truth. For many, it doesn't matter.

The adversary hates this country. They simply want to destroy it; make it into something our fathers and grandfathers feared fifty years ago.

This is the Marxist movement. It began with Political correctness, the essence of cultural Marxism. Next came ANTIFA, their violent arm. For decades they have appointed judges who have were influenced by the infamous "Frankfurt School."

Their terminology can best be phrased as "A protected place for the privileged few, and Communism for everyone else."

This is who we are facing. The question becomes, "should these anti-Americans have a place on this continent?"

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